Why Beard Hairs are used for body Hair Transplant?

In many cases, surgeon prefers to use beard hair as donor hair for scalp hair FUE transplant surgery. Many patients of hair loss definitely have a concern why this part of hair is used commonly. What makes them so special? If you also have the same concern and question then it is time to get your answer.

hair transplant in Pakistan

If you compare growth of your beard hair with that of other parts of hair such as arm hair, leg hair, etc then you will notice that beard growth very fast as compared with other body hair. It is a reason that many guys are able to keep a very long beard. The length of beard hair is also longer than leg/arm and other body areas hair. As a person enjoys high yield or growth of beard hair, so surgeon normally prefer to use these hairs for scalp hair surgery. They can surely use other body parts hair for a surgery but such hair won’t grow as longer as beard hair can. You also have to make a compromise on yield.

beard hairs are not always considered idea donor hair for a body hair restoration in Pakistan. Sometimes, these hairs are very coarse and therefore they are not regarded perfect cosmetic match for head hair transplant. Even though a surgeon can use it for a scalp hair surgery yet results of this surgery might not really attractive for a patient.

In order to make a decision about whether beard hair would offer desirable results for a surgery or not, surgeon opt for a test transplant. The purpose of it to check the yield and looks of transplanted hair. Surgeon continues with a surgeon only when patient feels good about test outcome otherwise he looks for other donor hair.

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What Possible Effects Permanent Hair Loss Can Brings in Person’s Life?

Hair loss is indeed a big loss in one’s life. Therefore, its side effects are also big. If you want to know what negative effects it can bring into your life then it is time to read complete details below.

Low Self-Image
If a woman has lost her eyebrows or only a part of it, she looks into mirror and makes her mind that she has some flaws. She never feels satisfied from her own image because her own self is not ready to accept her as a “beautiful person”. So, when a woman has this kind of issue then her close friends and relatives can draw her out of this situation by asking her to consider an Eyebrow hair restoration in Peshawar.
hair transplant in Pakistan
Inferiority Complex
This is another common side effect which comes along with any kind of hair loss. For example, if a man has lost his beard and sideburn permanently, he always compares himself with handsome men and considers himself inferior due to this loss. The best way to deal with this problem is to plan sideburn and beard hair transplant in Pakistan.

Aged Look
No one wants to look old at young age. But it happens most of times that men suffer from male pattern baldness and loss hair from the crown. This loss creates an age inappropriate appearance. In other words, a young man looks aged or middle aged due to this loss. This kind of effects is not acceptable. So, the best way to deal with this problem is to plan a crown hair surgery.

Social Disconnection
No matter who is suffering from hair loss, he always experience emotional and psychological impacts. Some people limit their social activities and circles just because they think that every person will notice baldness and leave bad remarks. So, it is good to leave in isolation.

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Why Crown Hair Restoration is Costly than Other Procedures

Crown hair transformation for sure the best hair transplantation surgery in Pakistan technique that encourages a patient to get back his lost hair from crown segment of this head. This segment is obvious from front and rear as well as from left and right side. On the off chance that you lost hair from this territory then everybody can without much of a stretch notice this change. Hence, this misfortune is respected the most exceedingly bad one.

hair transplant

Another issue that joins crown male pattern baldness is that it influences you to look more established. Indeed, even a young fellow resembles a matured one when he loses hair from his crown section. The most ideal approach to bargain this issue is experience crown hair transplant in Pakistan. However, when you visit a center then you come to realize that the cost of hair transplant is more than other hair loss treatment surgeries. You may get a kick out of the chance to know why it is exorbitant, so how about we discover realities underneath.

The course and points of hair in crown segment of your head are constantly unique. This is somewhat hair circle where some hair develops at left side while other at right side. Specialist needs to make a total arrangement of transplanting hair in Peshawar on crown before he really begin uniting process. He generally need to ensure that each hair is set at its ideal place at a correct edge and course. It isn’t a simple assignment and just a specialist can deal with it in the best way. You may enlist an uncertified specialist for doing this activity, yet you could never be content with the outcomes since hair may develop yet in an unnatural way. You certainly require a characteristic look, which is conceivable when a guaranteed specialist does this activity. Employing this specialist would without a doubt cost you more cash than in typical ways yet you generally get the best outcomes.

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What a Patient Can Attain from a Hair Surgery

Hair surgery is indeed one of the best solutions of hair loss. The patients of hair loss are able to attain many benefits from a surgery. Let’s find out what are these.

Beautiful Hair Frame

When a person starts losing hair then he notices change in his appearance. This change is not desirable indeed. Whenever he looks into the mirror, he thinks that something is missing in his personality. After an FUE hair restoration in Pakistan, he can attain this missing part of his persona. He gets back beautiful frame of his face. It is always suggested to get help from an expert surgeon who can deliver the best results.

Hair Transplant Surgery

Improved Quality of Life

Whether a person accepts it or not, a hair loss definitely leaves bad impacts in his life. He feels bad about his overall personality all the time. This also a cause of his less attention in social network building. He doesn’t want to interact to new people all the time just because he thinks that they will notice hair thinning and baldness. After a surgery, this problem solves automatically. Patient of hair loss regain his lost confidence and self-esteem. This confidence is important for him to shine not only in social life but also in his professional career. A person with good personality gets good jobs.

The Best Solution

When a person lost hair due to male pattern baldness then he can use medications, go for hair therapy, hair extensions, and other solutions. But fact is that these solutions are only temporary. He is unable to enjoy their benefits for long time. However, when he chooses the best hair transplant clinic in Pakistan, he can meet with an expert who can provide him a solution which is indeed the best cure for MP hair loss.

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Restore Your Status with Facial Hair Surgery

In world, mustache and beard are symbol of prestige in almost every culture. Women feel attraction only for those men who have beautiful dense beard and mustache. A man without beard and mustache is concerned unattractive in Arabs. If a young man has no beard and mustache then often women make him a laughing stock as such look is considered very girly. So, it is a matter of shame for men in Arab when they don’t have beard. This problem becomes worse when a person has bald patches in his facial hair. Such patches affect overall facial look and symmetry. So, the best way to restore confidence and prestige level is to consider beard, mustache and sideburn facial transplant surgery in Islamabad.

facial hair transplant
Bald patches or simply no hair on face seems like a big problem for men. This problem might arise due to several reasons but heredity effects are common reasons. Many men face this problem because it is running in their family for decades. They might use some medications but when they don’t get results then only solution comes in the form of facial hair restoration. The cost of this hair transplant is dependent on number of grafts required. Usually, a patient share pictures of beard, mustache and side burns with a surgeon. This picture makes it clear for a surgeon what plan would satisfy requirements and expectations of his patient. He makes the best plan and provides you an estimate of cost.

The cost of hair transplant in Pakistan is dependent not only numbers of graft but also expertise of a surgeon. If you hire an expert then you have to pay more. But the biggest advantage you will get is the best results and perfect facial hair look.

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Where from a Bald Patient Get Donor Hair?

When a person has lost complete head of hair then a hair specialist must consider body hair transplant in Pakistan. Reason is that donor hairs are not available on the scalp. There are many other sources of hair from nape of head to toe. Surgeon has to pick a source which is sufficient for creating grafts and also the best match for hair surgery. Some areas of body might be best match but they don’t offer sufficient donor hair. In order to cover bald head, a surgeon definitely needs a lot of grafts.
body hair tansplant
Hair specialist separate body hair in two main categories: one category includes beard hair while other includes rest of body hair. Beard hair rarely go to resting phase while other parts of hair usually go to this phase. Beard hair grows as single hair units but sometimes they also grow in three hair group. It is good to know that beard hair grow at a very rapid rate. The length of this hair also grows long. beard hair transplant in Peshawar is quite common because they yield more than 60 percent. A hair specialist removes hair from beard and then transplants it on the scalp. So, patient of hair loss is in a position to enjoy rapid hair growth.

You can see hair on other parts of body but they are normally shorter in length when you compare them with beard hair. In addition, they grow at a slower rate than scalp hair. Somebody hairs are very shorter such as hair on tops of toes and eyebrows. Some hairs are very coarse while other is fine. You should note that even when a specialist use coarse hair as donor but when this hair grow on scalp then it will take characteristics of scalp hair with the passage of time.

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Stop Alcohol Consumption for Best Result of Hair Restoration

People who rely heavily on alcohol have to plan their hair surgery in a very careful manner. The reason is that long term ethanol ingestion is a major cause of excessive bleeding. Whether you use alcohol in beer, wine or hard liquors, you have to stop its consumptions. Ethanol has bad affect on blood platelets and thereby it impairs blood clotting. It causes serious damage to liver, as well. So, what you really need to do for handling this risk factor of your hair restoration in Peshawar?
Simply you need to stop consuming alcohol before and after several weeks of a hair surgery. This is how to you can reduce risk of excessive bleeding. If your liver is already damage then you need to keep in mind that this cessation of alcohol consumption never reverses your liver damage. It will only reduce chances of excessive bleeding risk. If you don’t follow this simple instruction then you are unable to enjoy good result from your hair surgery. Excessive bleeding definitely affects your newly transplanted follicle units and thereby you need to be really careful.

One common problem that many patients feel after hair surgery is bleeding. They think that if they take a bit of beer then it doesn’t affect the result. However, this is not the case. A few drops of ethanol increase risk of bleeding after one or two hours. If your bleeding is excessive then physician has to take you to an emergency room. It is always suggested to share your alcohol consumption details with your surgeon and try to avid its consumption as advised. If you follow the instruction, then you can enjoy the best results and you don’t have to face additional cost of hair transplant in Pakistan.

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What Causes of Eyebrow Hair Loss Are?

Eyebrows are an integral part of your overall facial symmetry and appearance. If you want to know how important it is for your face then just wipe them out and see your face. You definitely don’t like your face without eyebrows. However, there are some people who face severe hair loss of eyebrows and eyelashes. They don’t know what cause this loss. So, if you are also facing this problem then you must know the main causes of eyebrow hair loss. Here is a list for your guidance.
eyebrow hair transplant
• Physical trauma such as car accident, thermal, chemical or electrical burns
• Systemic or local disease
• Over-plucking
• Congenital inability to grow eyebrows
• Medical or surgical treatments such as raditional therapy, chemotherapy, surgical removal of tumor
These are the main causes of eyebrow hair loss in men and women. Before a physician suggests you undergo an eyebrow hair restoration, he always evaluates your medical history, probable cause and completes eyebrow examination report. This evaluation helps him decide about the main steps required to deal with the problem.
For example, if you lost your hair from eyebrows due to a disease then this disease must be under control prior to perform a surgery. If this disease is still there then you never get desirable results from eyebrow hair surgery.
There are many women who are obsessed with plucking. Before a physician performs a surgery, he makes sure that this obsession behavior is under control.
When hair is lost due to burns or trauma then first thing to do is to perform a reconstructive surgery for dealing with damaged tissue. Once this surgery is done then an eyebrow hair transplant in Islamabad is performed.

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What is Best Treatment of Eyebrow Hair Loss

If a woman has some sort of issues in her eyebrows such as sparse eyebrows, bald spots, etc then she becomes quite self-conscious and needs the treatment. When you research about treatments, then you are able to find some misinformation. Many online stores and retailers sell special kinds of eyebrow hair restoration products which can bring magical results. Some products promise to bring good results over night. This has become so common but you don’t need to be a victim of such useless treatments. Fact is that they don’t work great and they never will. If you need the best treatment, then it is available in the form of eyebrow hair transplant in Pakistan. This kind of treatments lets you restore your eyebrows.

eyebrow hiar transplant
When Hair Surgery is the Best Solution?

If you have following problems then only a surgery can be the best solutions.
● Bald patches in eyebrows
● Sparse eyebrows
● Eyebrow lost due to some medical treatment
● Thin eyebrows
● Unattractive eyebrow shape
● Small eyebrows
● Coverage of scar in an eyebrow

There are different causes behind loss of eyebrows. Most common causes are over-plucking, trauma, systemic or local disease, medical treatments, surgical treatments, trichottilomani, etc. No matter what cause this hair loss, you have a chance to make it right easily through eyebrow hair restoration in Islamabad. Always choose the best surgeon to perform this job. You should share your expectations regarding the results of surgery with him, in order to get clear idea about the expected results.

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Make a Difference in Life with Hair Surgery

Have you lost your hair? Living your life without hair? If you have made a compromise on your looks and ready to spend whole life the same way, certainly you are unfair with yourself. You deserve a second chance to make your look better and beautiful. Don’t make a compromise when you have a good solution available in the form of FUE hair transplant in Pakistan.

Hair transplant

It is indeed a costly option but cost is nothing when you compared with its benefit. You have a chance to get rid of baldness impact. You will get a new and improved look. If you have some questions and concerns related to a hair surgery, you can sort them out by planning a consultation session with a hair specialist.

You might be interested to know what change you can expect in your look. Well, answer is you can expect the positive changes. First of all, you will be able to restore your hair back within a year or less. You need to wait for sometime but this wait is fruitful. Once hair growth begins, it will continue. You can enjoy permanent hair growth. It is not the only benefit you will have from a hair surgery. There are some other advantages and perks as well.

No matter you make a compromise or not, it is hard to accept that you have lost your hair for life. This thing leaves a psychological effect on your personality. You always feel that your personality is not as great as others. You have flaws and you are imperfect. So, the best way to deal with such psychological traumas is to visit nearest hair transplant clinic in Peshawar and get back your lost self-confidence.

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