Is Facial Hair Transplant Harmless?

A facial hair transplant is a cosmetic procedure for restoring facial hair. There are many people who don’t have facial hair growth. For example, women don’t have eyebrows. Now just imagine a woman without eyebrows and looks seem incomplete. In the same manner, some boys don’t have mustache, sideburn or beard. When such hair growth is absent then it is considered a flaw in personality. No one wants to have flaw and always need a solution. This comes in the form of facial hair transplant in Pakistan. But people have some concern about safety, they don’t know whether it is safe to have this kind of surgery or not. Well, this surgery is completely safe.

facial hair transplant

If you are concern about pain level then it is quite negligible. Anesthesia is used by a hair surgeon, so you don’t experience much discomfort. For example, if you plan beard hair transplant in Peshawar then surgeon would get donor hair first. Back and sides of scalp hair are the best donor hair but when such hairs are not available then he would search donor hair on other parts of body. The whole process takes some time.

In the same manner, when you plan eyebrow hair restoration, then surgeon prepare your eyebrow for surgery. He numbs eyebrows area with anesthesia, so you don’t feel much pain. As far as pain after hair surgery is concern then it is controlled with the mean of some medicine. Overall a facial hair surgery is quite a safe procedure with no side effects.

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