Where from a Bald Patient Get Donor Hair?

When a person has lost complete head of hair then a hair specialist must consider body hair transplant in Pakistan. Reason is that donor hairs are not available on the scalp. There are many other sources of hair from nape of head to toe. Surgeon has to pick a source which is sufficient for creating grafts and also the best match for hair surgery. Some areas of body might be best match but they don’t offer sufficient donor hair. In order to cover bald head, a surgeon definitely needs a lot of grafts.
body hair tansplant
Hair specialist separate body hair in two main categories: one category includes beard hair while other includes rest of body hair. Beard hair rarely go to resting phase while other parts of hair usually go to this phase. Beard hair grows as single hair units but sometimes they also grow in three hair group. It is good to know that beard hair grow at a very rapid rate. The length of this hair also grows long. beard hair transplant in Peshawar is quite common because they yield more than 60 percent. A hair specialist removes hair from beard and then transplants it on the scalp. So, patient of hair loss is in a position to enjoy rapid hair growth.

You can see hair on other parts of body but they are normally shorter in length when you compare them with beard hair. In addition, they grow at a slower rate than scalp hair. Somebody hairs are very shorter such as hair on tops of toes and eyebrows. Some hairs are very coarse while other is fine. You should note that even when a specialist use coarse hair as donor but when this hair grow on scalp then it will take characteristics of scalp hair with the passage of time.

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